Electronic Cigarette Review

If you’re a new e-cigarette user and wants advise on what are the brands that can deliver the best performance? Here are electronic cigarette review for some of the best brands that might help you choose on where and what to buy.


  1. Electronic Cigarette Review for Green Smoke -  This is one of the most famous and reputable companies in e-cigarette world. Although, Green Smoke products cost more than the others , the quality of e-cigarettes that they produce are always great. So, if you want to make sure that you’ll experience a top quality performance e-cigarette, then Green Smoke is the one. It is not just the quality that makes Green Smoke this successful, it is also because of their easy to use designs which is also good for new users.
  1. Electronic Cigarette Review for Blu Electronic Cigarettes – Like Green Smoke, Blu Electronic Cigarettes is one of the best in e-cigarette world. They are known for their products that are in good quality with unique flavors such as magnificent menthol, classic tobacco, cherry crush, vivid vanilla and java volt. If you are looking for an e-cig that mimics the feel and taste of a traditional cigar accurately, then this is for you. The blue light at the tip of all of their cigars makes them unique. This also works as an indication that you are not smoking a traditional cigarette. Another good thing about their products are the prices. Their e-cigs are cheaper compared to other leading brands. So for new users who just want to try first, and does not have a budget to spend hundreds of dollars this is also recommended for you.
  1. Electronic Cigarette Review for Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes – Cigarti Electronic Cigarettes, although not as great as the Green Smoke and Blu Electronic Cigarettes, they also perform well. Cigarti products is also one of the best sellers because of their unique e-cig skins. Hundreds of e-cigarette skins are there that you can choose from. This is famous for women who wants different colors for their e-cigs to match what they wear. The good thing about Cigarti e-cigars is that their products are also not that expensive. I recommend this product for stylish people.
  1. Electronic Cigarette Review for Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarettes – Lots of E-cig users prefer this product because they do not charge shipping fee for their costumers and they deliver the product to you within 3 business days (for costumers inside USA only). Not only that, they also offer a full 30 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied costumers. By doing this, it made a huge impact to users that they are confident with their products. Just like Blu E-cigs, they also sell their products cheaper than the rest of the leading brands. They offer 10 different flavors to choose from. This is also recommended for starters if they weren’t sure if they really want to switch from traditional cigars to e-cigs.

 These electronic cigarette review is in a random order. It is up to you on which you prefer trying. This is just a guide for people who needs help in choosing where to buy their E-cigarettes.